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"Dark Holy Mama!" Red brick with a kick powder
★Protection, Barrier, Dismantling Curses★ "Dark Holy Mama!" powder is a new take on my original "..
"Death Crow" Goddess Badb Barrier Powder
"Death Crow" Goddess Badb Barrier Powder  combines the original concept of a protective barrier..
"Holy Mama!" Red Brick with a Kick! Powder
Same great product... brand new container. Shields up, Barrier down, ain't no getting past when H..
"Mama M" Morrigan Barrier powder
"Mama M" Morrigan Barrier powder is the third barrier powder from StarryEyedSupplies, and combines t..
"Mama M" Morrigan Black Salt
Every Witch has their own version of the staple magickal item Black Salt and "Mama M" Black Salt is ..
"Sacred Grove" blend
The latest in the salt based blends, "Sacred Grove" has been created to help you cleanse your home o..
"So Says I" Commanding blend
A new product line of blends designed for potent results, "So Says I" is a commanding blend to resol..
"Tangling Roots" Binding powder
"Tangling Roots" Binding powder is an all purpose Binding powder also known as "the ties that bind" ..
Avalon by Starlight Spell powder
The Avalon by Starlight spell energy has been created as part of the healing range here at StarryEye..
Bang, Bang Baby! Naughty Powder
Bang, Bang Baby! Naughty Powder was created following a working with the Dark Goddess Lilith and so ..
Celtic Warrior Salts
★★★Celtic Warrior Spell Salts★★★ ★All naturally dyed Blue Salt complete with English Crow feather..
Dark Crow of War Spell Powder
The Dark Crow of War energy is a blend of the War Crow with the Celtic Goddess Morrigan, resonating ..
Dark Goddess Lilith Black Spell Salt
Temple of Dark Goddess Lilith - The Dark Goddess Lilith presents a Temple that exists as though afte..
Gentle Whispers of Avalon Spell Powder
The Gentle Whispers of Avalon spell energy has been created as part of the healing range here at Sta..
Heart of the Celtic Warrior Spell Powder
Heart of the Celtic Warrior Spell powder is a spell powder that is all naturally dyed to reflect the..
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