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"Battle Maiden" Incense
For warrior energies, strength and honour. ..
"Hall of Deep Roots" Herbal blend
"In the unfathomable depths The Hall of the Nine resides Deep in the Womb of Mother Earth The twi..
"In mourning"  A Morrigan Herbal Blend
"In mourning"  A Morrigan Herbal Blend was a requested item that helps to create a spiritual co..
"Let it Shine" Herbal Blend
The herbal blend has been designed around the energies of the following sentiment; to bring out your..
"Money Tree" Fast luck and Wealth blend
A new product line of blends designed for potent results, "Money Tree" Fast luck and Wealth ble..
"Of Crone, of Crow" Incense
Incense to honour the Crone aspect of The Goddess. ..
"The Witches Hearth" Herbal blend
"The Witches Hearth" Herbal blend came about as part of a meditation of an Earthy Witch at her Heart..
"Wish upon me" Wishing herbal blend
"Wish upon me" Wishing herbal blend is a herbal blend of my own design and recipe to help you enable..
'Neath A Corvid's Wing Herbal Blend
'Neath a Corvid's Wing herbal blend has been created with the energies of the Morrigan and her Corvi..
Bale of the Thorn Bonfire Blend
Bale of the Thorn Bonfire Blend is a limited item for Beltane which resonates around the duality of ..
Crone of Trees Herbal blend
The Crone of Trees Herbal blend is one of my favourite personal blends. This beautiful herbal ble..
Crone Reborn Herbal Blend
Originally created as part of the Honouring Goddess Badb (Crone aspect of the Morrigan) this herbal ..
Crow Totem Herbal Blend
The Crow Totem Herbal blend was originally created as part of the Crow Totem set, but proved so popu..
Dawn of Trees herbal blend
The Dawn of Trees spell range combines the magical energies of the dawn with the magic of Ogham; the..
Deathly dance of Trees Herbal blend
This beautiful herbal blend combines the magick of Ogham with the dark half of the year and is perfe..
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