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"A drop of Liquid Sunshine" spell votive
"A drop of Liquid Sunshine" spell votive is the Solar Sun companion to the Full Moon spell votives a..
"Love Potion" Spell Votive
L'amour. L'amour. L'amour. This spell votive is designed to be the most delicious and sparkly votiv..
"Reflections of Hidden depths" Spell Votive
Originally part of a requested spell set, "Reflections of Hidden depths" Spell votive is now availab..
"The Willow Priestess" Spell Votive
"The Willow Priestess" Spell votive combines the energies of the Ogham Saille - Willow and the energ..
"The Witching Hour" Spell Votive
★Personal Empowerment, Reconnection to Magick★ The Witching hour is said to be a mystical time of..
"Twist of Fate" Spell Votive
The "Twist of Fate" Spell Votive has been designed to help you turn your life around. Potent lil ..
Amas Veritas Spell Votive
The Amas Veritas spell votives have been inspired by the amazing movie Practical Magick! Sometimes ..
Autumn Mist Spell Votive
Autumn Mist Spell Votives have been created around the physical image of autumnal mist and fog to ho..
Avalon by Starlight Spell Votive
The "Avalon by Starlight" Spell votive has been created to take you to a place of deep healing, to b..
Avalon by Sunrise Spell Votive
The Avalon by Sunrise spell energy comes from a specific meditation involving a priestess of Avalon;..
Badb's Blessings Votives - Little Deaths
Badb's Blessings Votives - Little Deaths are a new Spell Votive for Crone Goddesses, particularly th..
Blade over Shield - Morrigan Protection Spell Votive
My absolute favourite recipe for Morrigan based protection is now in votive form!!! The Blade Ove..
Bone Birch Spell Votive
★★★ The Bone Birch Spell Votive ★★★ ★Birth, Rebirth, the Inbetween, Renewal★ The Bone Birch Sp..
Breath of Spring Spell Votive
The breath of Spring votive has been re envisioned with a darker colour and slightly more forest bas..
Brewing it Witchly Spell votive
The Brewing it Witchly Spell votive has been created for the Witches new year, or Samhain. There ..
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